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Tell your story ..

Preserve your legacy. 

Everyone has a personal legacy,
do you know what yours is?
Is your family history & background clearly documented?
Have you recorded your
end of life preferences?
If something tragic were to happen, do your loved ones
know your wishes?
  Is your critical & important paperwork identified,
organized & stored in one location?
If you answered no to any of the above,
contact Lifelong Legacies! We offer Virtual Meetings!

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Leave a legacy of love and caring ... 

Our mission

is for YOU to explore, articulate, and preserve your legacy.

We take great care in assessing your needs and requests, thereby ensuring YOUR best plans. We believe designing your portfolio will be a meaningful experience for you and ultimately your family. This process relieves the stress and anxiety that can occur during an unexpected event.

At any stage in your life, it takes courage to have these conversations. We would be honored to help you create a priceless gift to share with YOUR loved ones.

Let Lifelong Legacies assist you!


Developing Your

Personal Legacy Portfolio


The Whole Path


The Last Chapter


The Personal Legacy

Family Photos in B&W

In Your Own Words

"What is a legacy? Planting seeds in a garden you never get to see." ~Hamilton

Morning Fog

Writing It Down

"A drop of ink may make 

a million think."

~Lord Byron

Notebook & Pad


"The secret of getting 

ahead is getting started."

~Mark Twain


Personal Legacy Development 



Lifelong Legacies strategy includes comprehensive interviews, Q&A and thought prompts that will facilitate exploring and articulating your personal legacy. These are the foundation for developing your whole portfolio.  

Virtual (online) or in-person meetings (depending on your preference) will help you discover what is important to you, what you value, messages you want to carry on and your life's work.  

​Lifelong Legacies provides you with documents that highlight your personal legacy and preferences for your loved ones. 

Your Personal Legacy Portfolio will include the following three components that can be updated by you (or Lifetime Legacies) any time as your life evolves:

1. In your own words



~A way for you to articulate your personal legacy to your loved ones by telling your story, memories, messages and wishes in a live format.  

The comprehensive interview will provide the tools to make this a memorable experience.  An audio recording or video (your preference) can be shared at any time creating a precious gift that will withstand the test of time.  A legacy can be a work in progress that you continue to build upon.  Family background is explored and documented for easy access for the entire family.  

2.  Writing it down



~A comprehensive preference document that includes your choices for your end of life wishes as it relates to arrangements, details, etc.   

Conversations about end of life remain a significant fear and are often uncomfortable to discuss. 

It is crucial to initiate these conversations before it is too late when the topic becomes unbearable.  By "writing it down", your family will be able to honor your wishes alleviating the stress in difficult times. 

3.  Safeguarding 



~A comprehensive organizational program that provides the information and location of your current will, power of attorney, health care directives, estate planning documents, as well as information that is pertinent to your family should there ever be a need. 

Not being organized or efficient with your personal information can cause unnecessary stress and even panic during times of heightened chaos.  Do not leave this area unaddressed! 

A la carte Services



Our highly skilled consultants can provide additional services not included in the Personal Legacy Portfolio. 

  1. Due diligence for your preferences and important paperwork, legacy projects, and education

  2. Ideas and support for special ways to preserve other moments in tangible forms for your family

  3. Team education for companies that would benefit from Personal Legacy Development (special pricing for private team training)

  4. Updating or adding to your Personal Legacy Portfolio

Contact us today to find out how we can customize your personal legacy!


Owners & Founders

While traveling together, the concept of our company began organically.  Conversations about legacies in our personal and professional lives led us into deeper discussions.  We both realized we had a passion to help others design what their own personal legacies would be.  

Our own personal legacies expanded,

taking a new path!

Kelly Fortner has a master's in occupational therapy.  She also has an undergraduate degree in psychology, health sciences and holds a certification in grief counseling.  She loves to talk with people about what they value most in life.  Lifelong Legacies is her dream job!

Debbie Glass has a bachelor's degree in science and is a Registered Nurse with more than 30 years specializing in geriatrics and long-term care consulting.  Experiences, both personal and with clients, drives her belief and passion that creating a personal legacy and planning for the future is meaningful!

Kelly Fortner, OTR/L

Debbie Glass, BSN, RN


Frequently Asked Questions

Ocean Rocks

Q: Who benefits from completing their legacy?

A:    Singles.  Couples.  Families.  Aging generations. 

 Those faced with an illness.  New parents. Gift givers.  Gift receivers.   

Q:  Do you provide legal, financial or medical advice ?

A:  Lifelong Legacies consultants can refer legal, financial & medical decisions to appropriate parties.  We facilitate conversations (including the hard ones), educate throughout the process, & assist you to identify/organize/record pertinent & critical items for your personal legacy portfolio.

Q: How is a Personal Legacy Portfolio different from my estate planning or last will & testament?

A:   A Personal Legacy Portfolio defines what you leave behind, your specific remembrances and ideas that are unique to you (personal legacy, family history & background, end of life preferences & critical paperwork). 

Generally, estate planning covers the estate (possessions & property).  A will is a legal declaration of a person's property & estate after death.  Trust documents do address some of these areas but need to be facilitated. 

Advance directives generally only include a health care proxy & living will.  

Lifelong Legacies will help assemble these crucial areas as you age.

Q: Why choose Lifelong Legacies?

A:  Lifelong Legacies gets the job done!  Most people know they should have the conversations but life & time constraints get in the way so most NEVER do!  Our team has devised a format that is in depth & comprehensive, and is an enjoyable process facilitating wonderful conversations covering areas most people do not think of.  Engaging in our services will better prepare you, provide peace of mind, while decreasing stress & anxiety.  

Q:  Why is this a gift?

A:  Imagine your legacy (your stories, messages, & wishes) living on forever. 

Imagine your preferences stated & known.  Imagine your important paperwork organized in one location.

These are reasons why a personal legacy portfolio is a priceless gift that can be shared among loved ones!  


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”Lifelong Legacies and the process developed by Kelly and Debbie will change your life.  These ladies will take your “emotional legacy planning” and final wishes for your loved ones to a level you don’t even  recognize exists”

"Speaking from experience, Lifelong Legacies did a great job for me & my wife!"

"They assisted my Dad with discovering the legacy he wanted to leave behind and how he wanted to be memorialized. I am forever grateful to their compassion and kindness — I would highly recommend without hesitation!"

"Kelly & Debbie helped me with all my legacy planning needs.  They were so professional & thought of everything!  I am so grateful for Lifelong Legacies & my family is too!"